Aero Social is an exciting, exclusive application for the members of various airline industries connecting them in a social media spectrum.


    Socialize with colleague and exciting new friends who work in the same industry as you,using our chat and interactive wall feed.


    Get your hands on our comprehensive collection of utilities that will help you with your work related necessities on the go.


    Get ahead of the curve, keep yourself updated with the latest buzz and information about your industry, follow our daily blogs & news.


An interactive page where you can post anything exciting that you like, from destination check-ins to photos of breathtaking sights.You can even share blog/article for other to see.


In this app you can not only chat with your friends but you can also search for new friends from aero social and send them request.


Convenient application tools like fuel level estimator, synced stopclocks, Currency convertor, Weather and much more.

Other APIs

Integrating many useful APIs like weather, local food order service, cab, hotel services, Trip advisors and much more.


Aerosocial articulates many services within the application seamlessly delivering the perfect user-experience. Some of the key services which are the heart of the application are:

  • MAP

    A cool descriptive flight map which shows your flights route and cities along.It gives info like flight time, distance, local time and UTC time.

  • Friend Search

    With help of synced rosters and user’s current location, the application suggest friends nearby whom you can befriend.

  • Calendar

    Apart from being a the best in-app calendar, it also smartly syncs your official roster and displays your calendar in an interactive format.

  • Roster synchroniser

    Syncs your roster with the server. This helps the application in providing better information and services like automatically creating schedules, appointments, suggesting friends etc.

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First time users must definitely upload your official itinerary before creating an personal appointments for your schedule.

Unless you explicitly share your itinerary from the app, no one can see it, including your friends.

Just update your schedule directly, it will send notification to your friend.

Only after you’ve sent your interest and the other person accepts it, you can chat. You cannot start a conversation with a stranger directly.

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Now I impress my wife by scheduling dinner without her telling me that her roster has changed.

- Jonathan Groff


Well, It's a good app that make us happy. Don't think much, click to download & enjoy!

- Emily Henderson


This app is very nice and lovely! I love this app, I've been using this app since last 2 months & I'm really glad with this.

- Laila Jenifar


Well done boys! Thanks to Aerosocial I have made lots of friends in the industry.

- David Spark

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