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Meet our Seehash. Our time-tracking solution brings tangible results—and peace of mind.
Know that you and your employees' hours are accurate and logged with the assurance of a world-class data center.

Attendance System

We know that different businesses have different time-and-attendance system needs. We researched and reviewed dozens of time and attendance systems and came up with the ones we think are best for a variety of business types. Here is a roundup of our best picks and an explanation of how we chose them.

Main Package

Take a look at our basic offerings, then we can discuss customizing your package to fit your company with further features.


With stratustime, almost any payroll or HR software platform is easily integrated!

Customize with Modules

Ensure your solution fits your company to a T. Explore the modules that tailor your plan to your needs.


Manage accrual tracking with ease, calculating time off and project employee hours based on your selected rules.

• Choose to accrue at pay period’s beginning or end—or even daily, weekly, or monthly—and based on time passed or employee’s time logged.

• Quickly determine company’s accrued PTO liability.

• Handle multiple employee groups with differing plans & policies


Get on-the-go access for all your time reporting and managing needs.

• Employees can remotely request time off, punch in and out, enter timesheets, and clock in or out while in the field.

• Managers get a status board to approve time off and review timesheets.

• Geofencing allows for greater time-tracking accountability.


Managing employee time just got a whole lot easier. Spend less time manually checking and set alerts instead.

• Get automatic alerts for punches in and out..

• Even set alerts for employee certification renewals - or whatever other alerts you need.

• Automatic warnings when employees approach overtime

Points Tracking

Our simple, automated, and versatile tally system delivers straightfoward numbers to help track time fairly.

• Keep track of absences.

• Integrates with Microsoft Office and attaches document

• Customize based on your rules


Make your life easier with our forecasting tools. You can predict and reconcile worked hours without the manual monotony.

• Automatically forecast timecards — and choose custom options.

• Pay employees current — without the headaches.

• Reconcile timecards with ease.

Advanced Reporting

Easily craft your own reports with Excel®, using whatever data you’re analyzing and presenting. Our advanced reporting tools are great for custom reports and more. Some examples:

• Report hours based on labor level

• Monitor, manage, and prevent unnecessary overtime.

• Track employee time infractions and exceptions.

• Compare scheduled versus actual hours.

• Understand seasonal/yearly trends in staffing needs.

ACA Compliance

Manage any employee class for ACA compliance.

• Get custom alerts to know if employees are approaching set thresholds.

• Get scheduling notifications to allot employee time wisely.

• Customize your measurement periods.

Compensatory Time

Are you a public US company or private Canadian company? Our software can help you keep accurate records so you can comply with relevant requirements.

• Automatically reassign hours.

• Bank hours by employee, manager, admin, or a combination of roles.

• Set comp time pay rates & factors.


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