Procure to Pay ERP

With Invoices and Books, Easy Purchase Management, Sales and Billing Management, Customer and
Vendor Management, Configurable Chart of Accounts, Customizable Financial Reports and more


Reduce complexity and grow your company with online ERP software. ERP business software is a user-friendly solution to help you record and process all financial. From invoices, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides a quick and efficient way to manage your financial processes.

Purchase Management

ERP Software for SME – Helping You Ease Your Purchase Management

Streamline the procure-to-pay process and automate key transactions. Support internal compliance requirements by setting robust approval workflows.

Cash Purchase Receipts

Seehash ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows you to easily create cash purchase receipts for your vendors as a record of payment. Automate the delivery of invoices to your customers with our simple scheduling system.

Create Purchase Orders :

Create purchase orders for your vendors, making it simple to add payment terms, quantity and other relevant purchase information in multiple currencies.

Simple Goods Receipt Creation

Quickly create delivery receipts for your vendors and map them with respective purchase orders, payment details and any applied discount rates.

Create Debit Notes

Generate debit notes for your customers against purchase invoices, and reduce your accounts payable, in the situations such as a customer returning damaged goods.


All registrations for a particular course are recorded and collated automatically. Receive information on learning centers, classrooms and other physical and online facilities.

Make Payment

Our cloud ERP solution records all payments made to vendor/customer/against GL code in multiple currencies through a variety of payment methods including cash, cheque and debit/credit card.

Cloud based solutions for companies of all sizes

Seehash SME (small and medium enterprise) clients achieve fantastic results by using our Purchase Management module. Backed up by our efficient cloud based ERP for SME solutions, our software manages all your purchase processes, including receiving goods, creating purchase orders, making payments and allowing you to return unwanted or defective goods.

ERP solutions for small and medium businesses

Create, monitor, and maintain all the key order information of your purchases, ensuring that each order is authorised and legitimate. By linking your purchase orders to inventory control, our cloud ERP solution empowers you to access exact stock levels, seasonal trends, movement history, and supplier lead times. Use our Purchase Management solution, part of the ERP product from Seehash to automate your Procurement and Vendor Management and grow with the leading software company. Get it as part of our integrated software suite featuring customer and product management.

Billing and Sales Made Easy with Enterprise Resource Planning

Eliminate your company’s bottlenecks and streamline your business processes. Seehash helps you move quickly, from sales quotes to approved orders, and to order fulfilment, ensuring timely invoicing and smoother payment processes. .

Create Cash Sales

Ensure accurate recording of payments, with easy generation of receipts in multiple currencies. The product is fully compatible with all barcodes and POS printer systems.

Easy Creation of Sales Orders :

Reduce paperwork and turnaround time by providing customers with quick sales orders with included payment terms. Record keeping is easy with easy access of complete sales data for quotes and purchase orders.

Automate Invoice Creation

Automatically apply discounts and finance chargers, and accurately calculate sales tax with our system on a recurring or one-time basis.

Create Credit Notes

Easily generate credit notes for customers to use against sales invoices.

What can our resource planning system do for you?

Our SME (small and medium enterprise) clients achieve amazing results by using Sales and Billing Management tool, a module of the web based ERP Cloud solution from Seehash. ERP solution, helps in planning, and incorporates the records of products and services provided for a customer, and maintains history of previous transactions. To keep the process clear and simple, you have the functionality to keep products grouped into single invoices. The solution gives you control over the entire sales and billing process by giving you access to sales orders, invoice creation and payments in the convenience of one central suite. We make the entire process simple by connecting invoice with sales orders and allowing credits and refunds to be given to customers whenever you need.

Managing the resources of global enterprise

Seehash Sales and Billing Management module, under our Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) can seamlessly handle ‘blanket sales’ orders for products that are purchased in instalments and delivered over time. Combined with the Customer Management and Purchase Management capabilities of the Seehash ERP Cloud, we provide an integrated solution to your business, to manage complete operations by a single solution.

Effective Customer Management with web ERP solutions

Our customer management systems provide short order cycle times, custom configurations and comprehensive support while ensuring fast delivery, high quality and accurate invoices. :

Add New Customers :

Maintain comprehensive customer details including preferred delivery mode and opening balance, as well as credit terms with our system and increase your profits.

Edit Your Customers’ Details

Maintain and edit detailed customer information while confirming quotations, making sales orders, verifying credit, allocating inventory, picking and shipping products, and processing invoices.

Multiple Funding Methods:

Seehash Student Management software allows you to manage and maintain funding records of students. Multiple funding methods may include self-funded, sponsored candidates, and scholarship plans.

Export Customer Lists

Export your customer list from our ERP software in a PDF or CSV file format for easy viewing and editing as a spreadsheet, or for mailing and printing.

Customer Classification

Separate your most profitable customers with a variety of metrics including credit period, credit limit, number of orders placed, and pricing and product needs.

Grow your business in Singapore and abroad with our web based software

Seehash SME (small and medium enterprise) clients grow their business and increase their efficiency when they use our Customer Management module when backed up by the efficiency of our web based ERP Cloud solution (Enterprise Resource Planning). Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate pricing, configuration viability, material needs and reducing rework while on the move with SeehashERP.

Know more with our cloud based ERP software

Maintain comprehensive, detailed information about your customers, including opening balance information, payment terms, shipping address, billing address, contact information and more with our web based ERP software. Customers can be managed on the basis of their terms of association with you. The best part is you can do all of this on the move! Use Seehash Customer Management system, part of our complete ERP solutions software package including Sales and Billing Management , and delight your customer and grow with your companies.

Vendor Management

Maintain comprehensive vendor details of opening balance, preferred delivery mode, as well as credit terms, with automatic migration of financial transactions.

Flexibility to modify vendor details

Enjoy the freedom to modify vendor details such as contact information, preferred delivery mode, credit terms, vendor category, UEM and payment criteria.

Configure Examination Rules :

Exam Management software allows you to set up exam rules for all course exams, such as students needing to successfully complete a previous examination before applying for the next exam. Also, define whether the grades of a particular exam should be considered while calculating the overall grade for the course.

Multiple vendor list export formats

There is ease of use with your existing system by effortlessly exporting vendor lists in convenient file formats such as PDF, CSV, and others, in order to view, mail and print information.

With Seehash ERP, you can maintain comprehensive information about your vendors including payment terms, shipping address, contact information and more. It is easy to create new customers and establish their opening balances. Use graphical representations of your key vendors based on transaction amounts to ensure proper prioritization.

ERP Business Solutions – Optimise the Product Process Cycle

Track changes made related to the product, analyse inventory status, evaluate and track price changes. Easy data exchange between stakeholders for analysis.

Add New Products

Easily add new product details such as units of measure, related purchase accounts and sales, initial quantity, price, product license type and reusability.

Edit Existing Products :

Modify existing product details such as vendor lead time and reorder quantity. Easily add sub-products, and product item groups/sub-groups within our Product Management module under our ERP business solutions.

Manage Your Prices

Add or edit pricing details for products, such as sales or purchase price, based on quantity or vendor or customer price list.

Easy Inventory Reports

Keep track of your stock with a complete overview of product details, including initial and current product stock condition, reorder quantities and levels, current purchases, lead times, and more.

Enterprise software for today’s companies

Achieve amazing results with enterprise business solutions from Seehash, a leading Project managemnt company in Chennai. When backed up by the efficiency of our web based ERP Cloud solution (Enterprise Resource Planning), Seehash Product Management module can manage complete product information. From description, to initial price, to opening up a stock, our ERP solutions make it easy to configure purchase and sales account for each product.

Improve your processes with our ERP solutions

Our twin pricing intelligence mechanisms enables the successful introduction of a new product portfolio and flexible pricing setup to handle multiple purchase and sales prices for an enterprise. You can also gain full control over pricing for individual customers by applying variables through innovative, centralised software for retail sales, wholesale and more. Use our Product Management system – part of Seehash integrated ERP solutions software including Purchase Management – to track product related changes.

Accounting Software

Managing all accounts for your business can turn out be a nightmare, but Seehash ERP empowers the finance department to record, organize, maintain and analyze financial data captured from all enterprise operational systems

Chart of Accounts

A single integrated view of all enterprise accounts through an interactive chart of accounts keeps you up-to-date at all times. You can add new types of accounts, and define properties.

Journal Entry :

Make multiple entries/transactions at once, lessen errors with preconfigured consistency checks, and classify accounts for incorporating automatic debit and credit rules.

Account Preferences

Set financial year parameters, configure account settings, generate auto-numbering for invoices, journal entries, purchase orders, sales orders and more.

Accounting Software can record and manage all financial activities with customers, vendors, inventory, and other companies, while at the same time ensuring compliance with standard accounting policies. Accounting Software is the practical application of management techniques to control and report on the financial health of the organization. Seehash ERP also includes the maintenance of bank accounts, developing financial statements, cash flow and financial performance analysis.

Financial Reports

Answer complex financial reporting requirements, and ever-increasing scrutiny by auditors and stakeholders, by enabling flexible, accurate and rapid reporting.

Balance Sheet

A staple of financial reporting, the Balance Sheet Report, gives you the key figures you need to see where your business stands by providing a visual representation of the standard accounting equation: Assets = Liabilities + Equity.

Profit and Loss Statement :

Use our Profit and Loss Statement to manage your business because it gives a clear view of what you are earning, what it costs to sell, and spots trends in how your money is coming in and going out.

General Ledger

View general ledger accounts anytime with financial transactions updates. You can also drill down from ledger accounts to specific journal lines for easy transaction viewing.

Aged Payable

Aged payable reports will help you manage your payables to ensure that you pay your vendors on time, forecast your cash outflows, and determine which vendors are costing you the most money.

Aged Receivable

Aged receivable will list all unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos by date ranges. This acts as the primary tool to determine which invoices are overdue for payment.

Seehash ERP accurately manages business enterprise income and expense details. It accurately prepares the general ledger, which provides an alternative solution to complicated and time-consuming paper and pen-based financial tasks. Detailed reports can be generated on the number of unpaid customer invoices and accounts receivable for specific time increments. Intuitive graphs simplify the task of getting a quick overall business view. With the Seehash ERP System, computerized financial statements can easily be generated at any point during the financial period.

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