Event Planning Software Features

Never miss out any of the appointments, schedule your work and be ahead of the curve
all this done effortlessly and efficiently using our software solutions.

Event Planning

SeeHash offers the best class of tools and services to manage events and conferences. Our revolutionary software keeps track of appointments, smartly records upcoming events and never misses a simple detail to provide first class service as a corporate event planning tool. Our cloud based event planning software is accessed by a variety of clients from corporate to corporations to clubs to party planners. Taking advantage of the portability of android and other mobile OS we also generate cross platform event planning solutions. Seamless smart event planning solutions all available within the palm of our hand and accessed on the go.

Generic Event Planning Package

•  Our generic solution includes either a webapp or webpage with a registration           page that can gather information of people who are to attend the event.

•  Manage event registrations and payment processing for the event.

•  Quickly register attendees at the event using on-site functionality.

Custom Event Planning Package

•  Augmentation of other third party interfaces like room booking, food ordering     also can be added as requested by the client.

•  We provide event planning tools as requested by the clients

•  We also build solutions for different platforms

Event Management Features

Event Registration

Set up dynamic, online registration with our event planning software. Easy to use, easy to monitor.

Event Payment Processing

Enjoy simple and hassle free payment processing shielded by top-notch security

Budget Management

Build event budgets, track fund across events, calculate variable costs and assess meeting

On-Site Functionality

Logged in from almost any device the host can make use of our on-site functions like attendees, making badges and see whether the party’s goal are met.

Event Reporting

With a choice of over 70 standard reports and unlimited custom reports, view event data in real time and export into common formats.

Mobile-Friendly Registrations

We make sure to optimize our registration pages or all views and devices.

Onsite Solutions


With the Event Management Panel never miss out any detail of updates. Get instant updates on new registration, plans and announcements.


We make use of the power of social media and moderate our attendee’s social posts regarding the events.

Event Marketing Features

Custom Event Websites

Create beautiful event websites customized to match your event's branding without the knowledge of any programming language, as easy as ABC.

Sample Event Websites

Click through live event websites and registration processes to see what's possible with our Event Management System.

Event Email Marketing

Personalize, send and track email invitations, reminders and other attendee communications.

Contact Management

Import, export, manage and update all of your contacts in one easy-to-access database.

Event Calendars

Share internal or external-facing event calendars. Choose from multiple calendar views, layouts and styles.

Mobile Websites

We create websites that are mobile device friendly o that the user can access it on the go.

Advanced Features & Integrations

Housing & Travel Management

Manage room bookings, transportation itineraries and roommate requests. Integrate with top travel tools.

Membership Management

Process sign-ups and renewals, manage member communications, and plan events – all in one system.

Workflow Management

Create task lists for everyone involved in the event, and grant approval rights only to those who need them

SeeHash Integration

Integrate with SeeHash.com to bring event contacts into sync with your CRM operations.

Guest Side Accessibility Standards

Build accessible event websites and registration processes that adhere to Section 508 standards.

Security & Support

Data Security

Protect your data. Cvent is PCI Level 1 Compliant and hosts all client data in a top-tier, world class data center.

Support & Training

Talk to the experts: Cvent's award winning support team is available 24/7 with short wait times.

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