GPS Trackers

Live GPS devices that easily connect to a vehicle OBD port to provide real-time updates on driver activity.
GPS tracking data that can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer!

GPS Trackers


GPS Trackers for Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking has never been easier throughout India. GPS Tracking combines the power of our indigenous GPS Tracking equipment with our in-house built State of the Art Geographic Information System (GIS). This combination is first of its kind in INDIA and helps us to provide our customers with very reliable tracking solution for their fleet. Smart phone applications are also available on Google Play and Apple AppStore with are native apps to the respective platforms. With the help of Smart Phone Apps, it is now possible to get instant notifications of all events of your interest


Data Loggers for Cold Chain Monitoring

Data loggers offer high accuracy and reliability. The devices are designed in out in-house product development center and are manufactured under strict manufacturing standards. SeeHash is best known for its outstanding after-sales service and out software platform is the best you can ever find for monitoring your cold chain. With optional built-in display and smart phone application readily available for download. Call us for a detailed presentation on our product line, the single call that you will never regret.


School Bus Tracking

SeeHash is designed to track school buses with the use of GPS and school students through RFID. This system works by fitting in a school bus tracking device on school buses that can read RFID tag, reports its position with the use of GPS, and also has a display to show the student photo when they scan their RFID tag. When the student scan his or her tag, the will log whether the student is hopping in or out of the bus based on the timing and pre-defined algorithms. The scanned information get transmitted to the server along with the student’s stop details.

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