Smart & Simple

Easy to Use Products Through Mobile Internet To Control Home Appliances &
Power From Your Smart Phone or Tablet

Home Automation

Security & Home Automation products keep you safe, manage energy consumption, and provide entertainment. Solutions for your home or business are available for every income level and lifestyle. Simply choose the automation, energy management, and convenience features you desire. SeeHash systems may be installed in new or existing structures and controlled via your smartphone or tablet.

Smart & Simple



Device is interactive with mobile apps through smart phone & Tablets.


Easy to use

The App design is very simple but with the details required to operate home electronics & power.


Flat & Stylish

SeeHash is sleek and stylish product can fit easily with aesthetic of your home decore.



Devices are created using branded electronics platform therefore it can work 24x7 through out the year without any problem.


Features Available On Apps are Easy To Operate

Device send notification to your Smart phone or Tablet showing how much energy your home appliances are using.

Device had the ability to turn you appliances ON/OFF and monitor their behaviour.

Device can be use through mobile apps and Internet web from anywhere in the world.

The notification from Device on your mobile apps and internet web can be customized as per your needs.

Device is a Perfect Pair With Light, Fan, Heaters, Ac & Other Electronics

Device is an innovative, easy to use product that use mobile internet to control power and heating system of injection molding machine from your smartphone or tablet.

Receive notification about the status of light,fan,heaters and AC on your mobile.

Download free Device app to as many smart phone and tablet as you like.

Device app can be as flexible as you need,rules and schedule can be change easily.


Home Automation using Devices & Its Apps

As you approaching home turn your A/C ON to provide you immediate comfort.

Before opening the door turn On lights & fan as required by you.

Make sure Wifi is functioning and having a network coverage.


Free Download Apps To Operate Devices

maths Device Apps available on IOS & Android platform.

settingAll the available smart phone are either having IOS or Android operating platform.

flatAesthetically design and easy to use layout of apps which can be operated even by child.

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