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Master employee data

Healthcare data for compliance? Check. Contact information for the employee directory? Check. Custom data for everyone’s shirt size and favorite candy bar? Check. Track all employee information accurately in one secure HR database that’s accessible from anywhere.

Performance reviews reinvented

Performance reviews are broken. At least, they were. We fixed a few things like huge time commitments, weak results, and infrequency. Then we added meaningful feedback and better ways to measure performance and engagement. The result? Innovative (dare we say, enjoyable?) employee performance management.

Centralize employee information


Gain instant HR insights

Quick. Custom. Precise. SeeHash makes it easy to create detailed reports on almost any data in the system. Be proactive instead of reactive. Analyze data instead of compiling it. Be the strategic HR professional you were meant to be.

Spend less time on time off.

Save hours of valuable time with our automated time off requests and approvals. Create your own categories of time off-like sick days, bereavement, jury duty and more. Set accrual policies. Track available and used time off. And generate reports.


Receive alerts

Custom Workflows

Create custom workflows to be more efficient in your decision-making processes and protect the integrity of your data. Remove bottlenecks by making approvals easy to manage and even easier to execute, paving the way for your company to grow faster.

Save time, money, and trees

Remove the hassle of collecting signed paperwork. Electronic signatures streamline processes, making experiences like onboarding and open enrollment more enjoyable while also keeping documents organized and easy to access. Save time by rounding up paperwork, money by ditching filing cabinets, and trees by leaving them alone.



We think it's important to play well with others. That's why our API allows you to share data between systems-even if it's with one you created-to support your internal needs and processes. It's also great for creating unique internal workflows, business intelligence software syncing, and reporting needs.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Seehash is integrated with several recruiting and applicant tracking systems (ATS), so take your pick! This not only streamlines and manages your recruiting and hiring process, once a candidate is hired, information will automatically be saved in SeeHash and an employee record automatically created. Easy, from start to finish.


With our eSignature partnership, you can send documents out to be signed electronically right from your SeeHash account. The documents are then uploaded for you on the employee's Documents tab with another copy available within the eSignatures software. Simple. Clean. Sweet.

Benefit Enrollment

We've integrated benefit enrollment software, so you can kiss those duplicate entry problems goodbye. And because your data syncs across systems, data errors could be history, too.


Thanks to our payroll partnerships, new hire data, key field changes, terminations and more are all updated in the system in real time. That means you can see time off, pay stubs, and timesheets all in one place.

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