The easiest Scrum tool that has all the features you need


Inscrum is the SeeHash’s version of Scrum framework that implements agile methodologies for your software development projects. What makes Inscrum unique is improvised and distraction free environment making it perfectly suited for enterprises and fast -paced developments. It is curated to give you maximum performance and profit.

Teams and roles

  • Create teams and assign roles using drag-and-drop
  • Select product owners and stakeholders
  • Teams can work in different time zones
  • Keep track of team velocity

Backlog management

  • Use drag-and-drop and cut & paste
  • Easily see the status of each item
  • Break backlog items down into tasks
  • View backlog items from earlier sprints

Release planning

  • Long-term planning across sprints
  • Predict release dates using expected velocities
  • View release burnup charts, including predicted burn
  • Easily see if a release is on track or not

Sprint planning

  • Pack sprints visually using drag-and-drop
  • Estimate in points, days, or hours
  • Plan sprints with multiple teams
  • Easily see which backlog item fits where

Task boards

  • Incredibly easy-to-use task boards
  • Like using a physical wall
  • Design your own task boards
  • Move cards using drag-and-drop


  • See burndown charts for each team, and for all teams together
  • Burndown charts update immediately
  • Teams can work in different time zones


  • Do flow-based work without sprints
  • Design your own Kanban boards
  • Mix Scrum and Kanban freely
  • Archive completed backlog items

Time tracking

  • Track time used on backlog items and tasks
  • Get a time log for use in billing and accounting
  • View the time log for individual persons or teams, and for sprints or calendar periods
  • Export to CSV or copy directly into a spreadsheet

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