Seehash Inventory

Comprehensive Stock Management, Simplified Cycle Count Management, Efficient Cash Management,
Effective End-to-End Inventory Management, Intuitive Reporting, Analytics, and more.


The most proven and effective platform to manage, track and control your supply chain Inventory provides 360º view of the inventory function allowing finance and operations to have a complete view of product information, stock levels, and operations so that products and stocks can be effectively managed. SeeHash Inventory provides purchasing, receiving, stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities. It has a procurement module of its own, and can also interface with existing purchasing modules of a retail store.

Item Master Management

Maintain central repository for all products across chain of stores with SeeHash Inventory.

Manage Product Catalog

Item Master enables you to manage all your products across a chain of stores by allowing you to simply create, edit, activate, or deactivate them. SeeHash Inventory eliminates unnecessary data entry by importing and exporting item details in CSV format. With SeeHash Inventory you can maintain comprehensive details of all inventory items such as item code, UOM, cycle count, and many more.

Maintain central repository for all products across chain of stores with SeeHash Inventory.

Manage Recipe

Recipe provides functionality for adding, replacing, archiving and cloning of recipe core items. Recipe eliminates unnecessary data entry by exporting recipe details in CSV format. Recipes can be approved or rejected according to sale of product or choice of management.

Maintain a central repository of all details related to stock, products and inventory items across the chain of stores with SeeHash Inventory Management Software. Our Inventory Management Software integrates these details with the existing ordering system for simple viewing and ensures that all changes are updated in real time and no data is duplicated. With SeeHash Inventory, you can create a product catalog, which maintains a storehouse for all products offered across stores, as well as stock consumption and service offering processes.

Stock Management

Automate and dynamically manage all stock operations, from orders and receipts to inter-store stock transfer, daily audits, and more.

Inventory Optimization

SeeHash Inventory enables you to control stock levels and movement of stock in all the stores of your organization, and it also provides seamless reconciliation of business operations to maintain consistency throughout your organization. Goods Order provides an interface to capture orders from the client’s existing centralized ordering system and view expected vs. actual receipt details, as well as update the inventory levels.

Store Management

Automate and dynamically manage all stock operations such as inter-store stock transfer, stock issue, stock adjustment and auto shipment for complete information about stock status and movement. It helps you manage stock allocations to multiple stores across locations with the centralized purchasing system

Track Inventory Movement

Inter-Store Stock Transfer Entry facilitates stock transfers in all the stores of your organization. It maintains stock transfer and stock issue forms, with fields capturing detailed information from each store and updating the system post transfer. Personnel in charge get a single view of all the stores to plan for stock transfers.

SeeHash Inventory enables stakeholders to get the right product at the right place at the right time. It maintains a central repository of all details related to stock, products and items across the chain of stores. SeeHash Inventory allows users to manage all stock operations, from orders and receipts to inter-store stock transfer, daily audits and more. A single view of all stores inventory helps the user to plan for stock movement across various stores.

Cycle Count

Efficiently configure, perform, and schedule cycle counts for inventory items.

Manage Inventory with Instant Access to Accurate Information

SeeHash Inventory Management Software enables you to manage physical inventory in real time and reduce the number of workers required for conducting cycle count. You can directly update the data with intuitive scanning technology which will help you to streamline inventory control processes to not only meet regulatory demands but also those of your customers.

Streamline Inventory Management

Cycle counts are faster and require fewer workers with SeeHash inventory solution. As a result, inventory is more accurate, expediting order fulfillment to your end customers as well as meeting regulatory demands.

Track and Reduce Waste and Loss

Issues with shrinkage and loss within your warehouse can be mitigated with SeeHash’s powerful barcode scanning and rugged mobile computers tied back into the software.

Cycle Count enables you to configure stock count for all items of your organization. It allows you to track the movement of each item and sends notifications to management in case of any shortfall in the cycle count. System features, such as inventory planning, along with cycle counts, result in optimization of stock performance. This reduces labor expenses in inventory management and adjustment applications.

Stockout Management

Optimize inventory levels by adjusting safety stock to their optimal level.

Enhance Accuracy Without Delay

Your employees can work faster and provide you with greater visibility into your warehouses and distribution centers using SeeHash intuitive technology packaged with innovative form factors.

Forecast Customer Demands in Advance

Effectively and accurately forecast customer demands in advance to boost and maintain high customer service and inventory levels.

Stockout Management enables you to view the real status of what items are wasted, expired, damaged, or used in sampling processes. This allows management to monitor resource waste and resources used in non-sale scenarios. This information is essential in order to track inventory and plan optimization of stock performance.

Checklist Management

Monitor all business day’s activities for your organization.

EOD Checklist

EOD checklist enables store managers to keep track of end-of-day operations. Store managers update the EOD checklist at the end of the day for their store by updating status of all activities. Once the status of all activities is marked as ‘Done’, the user can click on ‘Close Business Day’.

EOD Checklist Report

This report keeps track of end-of-day operations and their status. Store managers update the EOD checklist at the end of the day for their store. Complete information related to sales, markout, cycle count, incoming transfer, and auto shipment is contained in the EOD checklist report.

The end-of-day checklist gives detailed information related to sales, markout, cycle count, incoming transfer, and auto shipment. It helps management to monitor all business days’ activities and gives an instant notification to the stakeholders in case the “Close Business Day” report is not generated.


Customizable and intuitive reports to monitor and manage the complete inventory cycle for your organization.

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-time stock data and reports on your dashboard will help you to make better, faster decisions and access info from virtually anywhere.

Complete Visibility of Your Supply Chain

Effective tool for complete visibility and control of your supply chain. Better inventory tracking and control through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made.

Lower Inventory Carrying Cost

Lower inventory carrying cost by automating and streamlining all the inventory processes and reports.

Highly customized and intuitive inventory reports provide a comprehensive view of what has been ordered, delivered and purchased. End-of-day reports and checklists ensure daily analysis of stock and inventory. Additionally, various exceptional reports are supported. There is a provision to alert management whenever a particular exception condition occurs. You can see the integrated view of operations, as well as custom reports such as transaction activity, SCO usage, stockout, and more. These reports are generated to support decision-making. Inventory reports allow users to compare data between stock cycles and stores for customized time periods.

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