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NFC Tags and Solutions

Payment systems and marketing loyalty programs are just the beginning for NFC technology. In addition to the mounting interest in NFC for mobile access control, secure NFC technology promises to empower more efficient, effective business applications.

When an application requires frequent interaction with tags at numerous process points by many different parties, the high expense of using traditional handheld readers is cost prohibitive. By replacing handheld readers with NFC smartphones at data collection points, the ROI for the application increases.


SeeHash Services is an example of an application that combines Global’s patented Near Field Communication (NFC) trusted tag technology and cloud-based authentication platform to add unique and trusted identities to everyday objects that can be read by NFC-enabled mobile devices. This is ideal for establishing proof of presence, digital out of home (DOOH) and electronic visitor verification (EVV) and also serves as a real-world application of NFC technology use.

Who benefits from near field communication?

· Businessmen and women riding the subway to work

· Businesses looking for faster, more secure payment methods for customers

· Students touring a museum

· Busy moms checking out at the grocery store

· And many more

How it Works   nfc

Near Field Communication utilizes electromagnetic radio fields while technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi focus on radio transmissions instead.

Using NFC   nfc

Lans for the future cover shopping malls, office buildings, and even your own vehicle as potential places for NFC to help offer quick services.

Technology & Alternatives   nfc

How does Near Field Communication compare to similar technologies such as QR Codes, Far Field Communication and Bluetooth

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