SCADA software for telemetry and remote SCADA applications


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Integrated scalable SCADA Software optimised for managing remote assets spread across geographically dispersed infrastructure with secure and reliable capabilities and easy connectivity to business and IT systems.


Clear SCADA is an open software platform that provides powerful features for remote management of critical infrastructure. It’s scalable for large enterprise environments and effective for small systems alike.

Historical field data is collected by single or redundant servers over dedicated long-distance communication infrastructure and made available to local and remote users via integrated clients and third-party data management applications.


Control costs, maximise productivity, while ensuring secure and reliable operations across wide area network

Control total cost of managing and operating remote assets:

• Object-oriented development environment with on-line configuration changes

• Built-in SCADA functions with integration to Schneider Electric Telemetry offer

• Scalable and flexible SCADA architecture design

Ensuring secure and reliable operations across wide area network:

• Secure protocols offering no loss of data and reliable communication over WAN networks

• Built-in multi-level security management

• BTriple redundancy of Server and LAN

Maximising asset productivity and operational efficiency:

• Easy integration to business systems (ERP, Asset Management software..)

• ntegrated to asset production optimisation solution (ProductionPlus)

• Integrated diagnostics and predictive maintenance


Oil and Gas

Clear SCADA is ideally suited for upstream production and midstream distribution where customers have many remote assets such as flow computers and RTUs. ClearSCADA includes built-in drivers and a polling engine for all major equipment manufacturers and can export flow computer data to external reporting packages, such as Flowcal, PGas or production accounting systems.

Application: Enhanced Web Access & Reporting

Realised Value: Reduced cost of ownership through web-hosted customer service site. Improved operation & compliance through real-time delivery of critical operational data.

Water & Wastewater

ClearSCADA is designed for telemetry applications commonly found in the water industry such as pump up and pump down control, sewage lift station, tank/level measurement and control, and wireless instrumentation

monitoring. Its real-time database and integrated polling engine means customers do not need to use a separate software package such as an OPC Server or a Master RTU as the data collector to communicate with remote devices. The enterprise software is optimised for low and high bandwidth communication links over public infrastructure, such as mobile networks, WiMAX and dial-up land lines, and is well-suited for private serial and Ethernet radio networks.

BTriple redundancy of Server and LAN


• Realised Value: Reduced cost of expansion through use of intuitive, easily replicated and deployed, object templates Improved operator use through user-friendly, easy-to-learn interface and local language support.

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