Why SeeHash

It’s important to choose your career path correctly, in which
you will be helped by our Career and a specially developed Career Map.


This is a special advisor on all matters of career development who helps all our new employees adapt and grow from their first working days. Career Advisor is responsible for their professional development, provides necessary information to help our colleagues have a career growth.

Professional Growth

Each of us is interested in opportunities for professional growth. This is an integral part of planning your future. Talent Management system was developed to help each and every of our colleagues to define which steps to take to get closer to reaching their aims.

Draws career opportunities for you

SeeHash offers limitless customization options, layouts and headers with an easy to use Admin Panel. SeeHash is the perfect combination of a beautiful and professional design with tons of powerful features and a bulletproof code base. SeeHash is the only online marketing theme you will ever need to create websites that deliver outstanding results.



Employee creates and gives training/presentation to his/her colleagues in which his/her presentation skills are evaluated.


Performance Appraisal

Employee receives objective feedback on his/her current work. Based on this feedback the recommendations are being given that will help improve employee's skills and competences to achieve higher performance.

Knowledge Evaluation

Knowledge evaluation defines for each of our colleagues the opportunities of further development and improvement of technical knowledge and also further learning process is planned.

English Level Test

It is conducted by Language School in order to evaluate the level of English knowledge of our employees.

External Certification

Certification is the way to confirm the level of professionalism of our colleagues, the presence of modern, necessary for the market set of skills which are highly evaluated by employer and a client.


Professional Process

Draws career opportunities for you

Matches your skills with company needs; encourages the development of your potential; suggest the most appropriate way to gain new knowledge

Opportunities are good
for you

Value curiosity and collect information. Make a habit of interacting with your environment. Notice things that happen around you.Develop a habit of paying attention. You’ll grow as a person and you’ll become a natural resource to the people who work with you.

Opportunities good

Your professional experience; personal skills; personal wishes and views on your career. Their separate existence is a myth. For science, music, sport, etc,

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